Presentation of the conference

The Universe of the Diamond :
from the centre of the Earth to the centre of power
Ramon Cortes, gemmologist
The following subjects will be addressed during the conference :
  • The Birth of a Diamond
  • Diamond Deposits
  • Diamond-producing Countries
  • The Size of Diamonds
  • Places which Shape Diamonds
  • Industry and diamonds
  • Synthetic Diamonds
  • Enclosures in Diamonds
  • The Symbolism of Diamonds
  • Diamond Commerce
  • Famous Diamonds
  • Famous Characters
  • The Greatest Swindles
  • The 4 Criteria for Purchasing
  • The Great Valuation Laboratories
  • The Kimberley Process Certificate




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We can also provide a presentation on diamonds entitled "From the heart of the Earth to the heart of power" during the evening. This presentation explores the fascinating universe of diamonds. Our services can also include the presence of a gemmologist, hostesses, your personalised card and a GIA certificate for our diamonds.