General Terms & Conditions of Sale

General Terms & Conditions of Sale

Any order of a product on the website www.diams.com supposes preliminary consultation of the present general conditions.

The consumer recognises to be perfectly informed about the fact that his agreement concerning the contents of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale does not require a handwritten signature of this document. The consumer has the right to print the present general conditions.

Article 1: Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale express the entire obligations of the parties. The consumer must accept without reserve the entire measures in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. No specific conditions can be integrated into the present.

Article 2 : Object

The present general conditions have for project to define the rights and duties of the parties within a framework of the on-line sale of goods and services proposed by diams.com, website of the society diams SA.

Article 3 : Contractual documents

The present contract is represented by:

  • First these General Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • Second the order form

In case of contradiction between the measures in the document, the upper measures will prevail.

Article 4: Into effect – duration

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale come into effect in the date of the order form.
The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale are concluded for the duration necessary for the supply of the signed goods, until extinction of guarantees offered by diams.com, a site of the group diams.ch SA.

Article 5: Electronic signature

The “double click” of the consumer in conformance with the order form establishes an electronic signature. It has between the two parties the same value as a handwritten signature.

Article 6: Order confirmation

The consumer will receive by e-mail the contractual information at the address indicated on the order form.

Article 7: Transaction proof

The registers kept on the computer systems of www.diams.com, a website of diams SA, will be considered as proof of communication, orders and payments between the two parties.

Article 8: Information on the products

8-a : www.diams.com presents all the necessary characteristics to allow the consumer to order the products.

8-b : the products are available in the limits of our stock.

Article 9: Price

The prices are indicated in the currency of your choice. The prices are valid only on the order date. The delivery expenses are offered for Switzerland.

Article 10: Methods of payment

To settle his order the consumer must proceed to the payment. He has the right to choose between several payments methods indicated on the order form www.diams.com, a website of diams SA, reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to fulfil an order emanating from a consumer who did not pay the entire order amount.

Article 11: Availability of products

The order will be executed for the deadline mentioned on the order. In case of unavailability of the ordered products, the consumer will be informed as soon as possible and will have the possibility to cancel his order.

The consumer will have the choice to ask for a refund or for a product exchange.

Article 12: Guarantees

www.diams.com, a website of diams SA, offers a two year guarantee on it’s products.

The guarantee comes into effect at the delivery date. Please keep carefully the accompanying invoice.

The damage due to abnormal or improper use and to normal wear and aging is not covered.

Article 13 : Return

All jewels can be returned within 30 days from the delivery date through the Post with Secure delivery with insurance and signature upon receipt. Special orders of diamonds and creations can not be returned or exchanged.

In case of return we must be informed by telephone or by email.

The jewel must be returned in his whole and original packing, via the post office with insurance (indicating its sale value) and signature upon receipt to the following address.

The jewel must be returned in his whole and original packing.

We do not accept jewels that have been damaged or that the packaging has been damaged.

You have the right to withdraw with no penalty. The expenses of return are under your expense. In the hypothesis of the exercise of the right of withdraw, the customer has the choice to ask either for a refund, or for the exchange of the product.

  • In the case of an exchange, the return expenses will be made at the expense of the consumer.
  • In case refund, diams SA will pay the full amount within 30 days by bank or post transfer.

Article 14 : Majeure force

For the purposes of these General Terms & Conditions of Sale, force majeure is defined as any unforeseeable deed, fact or event (or, if foreseeable, are irresistible deeds, facts or events) outside the control of diams.com and which prevent the performance of obligations under the contract or delay such performance, the consequences of which are not capable of being remedied despite all efforts, including, but not limited to, acts of war, fire, flood, water damage, industrial action, lock out against workers and other industrial disturbances, import and export restrictions, regulatory activities, and interruptions in supply.

In the event of force majeure, the consumer shall not be entitled to compensation of any kind whatsoever, nor shall it have the legal right to claim performance of the contract.

Article 15 : Nullity

In the event of nullity or annulment of any provision of the General Terms and Conditions of Sales, the other provisions here of shall remain in full force and effect.

Article 16 : Retention of Title

www.diams.com, a website of diams SA, and the consumer explicitly agree that the title to the goods supplied shall remain with diams.com until the consumer makes the full payment.

Article 17 : Applicable law

By visiting www.diams.com, a website of diams SA, you agree that the Swiss laws, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these General Terms and Conditions of Sales and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and www.diams.com, a site of the society diams SA or its associates.


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