We offer a guarantee of two years on our products.

The guarantee comes into effect at the delivery date. Please keep carefully the accompanying invoice.

The damage due to abnormal or improper use and to normal wear and aging is not covered.

Ethics and transparency

Kimberley Process

According to UN resolutions, diamonds sold on www.diams.com come from legal source and are not involved in the financing conflicts. diams SA guarantees that the diamonds are not “conflict diamonds”.

Ethical jewelry and commitments

We define “ethical jewelry” as jewelry that has not been involved in human rights abuses, labour violations, civil conflict, or sanctions at any point along the supply chain.

Our commitment is a part of a global campaign The Rapaport Pledge. The pledge allows socially responsible consumers, jewelers and their suppliers to publicly identify themselves on the www.ethicalpledge.com website and make the following commitments:

  1. Commit - Take responsibility for the legitimacy of the products that you buy and sell.
  2. Investigate - Proactively and reasonably investigate your supply chain, or ask your jeweler if they have investigated their supply chain.
  3. Know your goods - Refuse to buy or sell products you know or have reason to know have been involved in unethical activity.
  4. Take a stand - Require your jewelers and suppliers to provide a written statement affirming that they have reasonably investigated the supply chain of the products they sell.


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© 2004 - 2024 diams SA. All Rights Reserved. Kimberley Process: In accordance with United Nations resolutions, the diamonds sold on this site come from legal sources that are not involved in conflict financing. diams SA guarantees that its diamonds, to the best of its knowledge and according to the written guarantees given to it by its suppliers, are not "diamonds of the war".