Welcome to creators of jewelry

For almost 20 years I attended my greatest bonheurdes jewelers, Jewellers, creatives, creative jewelers and jewelery.

At the time I worked for big houses, I was always disappointed that they work for the Essential with foreign countries, while in Switzerland, we find a lot of creative people and highly skilled.

I have often seen beautiful jewelry which unfortunately remained in workshops. I experienced jewelers who buy websites to make their beautiful creations, but lack of resources, knowledge, web and digital marketing, had lost money and nothing sold.

That's why our strong successful experience for 8 years, I decided to propose a space "gallery creators." So you can display your creations in one of the most visited sites in Switzerland. Exhibitors must imperatively meet ourethical and trans parency.

Costs creations gallery are very light compared to a site and our team takes care of everythingWe can also take pictures if you want.

Hope to meet you...

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