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  • Earth represented by the shape of the rhombus, the seed. Its roots grow irresistibly. The earth from which Adam is drawn is therefore by itself the symbol of all creation.
  • Air, the movement represented by a soft and tender cloud. The first breath is life and the expiration is the last. The invisible world where divinities dwell.
  • Water represented by the propagation of concentric circles. Water is the mirror of the soul, it reveals what is buried in us, especially at the emotional level.
  • Fire represented by the sun, the original fire. He is the passion, the enthusiasm and the love. Symbol of purification and regeneration.
  • Love, the fifth element represented by the meteorite. Aristotle makes it the highest of elements, likening it to heaven and to the eternal and perfect circular motion of the stars. There is also amongst Indian and esoteric tradition a fifth element, called Akasha, which means in Sanskrit, space. In Chinese cosmology, metal is considered the fifth element.

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