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The diamond has long been considered a symbol of wealth, power and prestige, associated with royalty and used as a jewel in crowns and scepters.

In jewelry, the diamond is also a symbol of innocence and perfection, used to represent love, fidelity and durability.

The diamond is the hardest and strongest gemstone in the world, giving it a connotation of strength, perseverance and courage.

In the Buddhist tradition, the diamond is also used to represent the ultimate state of mind of clarity and lucidity, which is achieved through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. As a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and understanding, the diamond can facilitate meditation and concentration.

In the Hindu tradition, the diamond is considered the "King of Gems", representing inner knowledge and ultimate truth.

In literature, the diamond symbolizes inner strength, endurance and perseverance in the face of adversity. If you are looking to give a diamond jewelry piece to a loved one, it could be a way to symbolize your love and long-term commitment.

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