Constellation meteorite bracelet Sirius cut from a meteorite with white diamonds

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A beautiful meteorite constellation bracelet Sirius, the diameter is 17 mm and 9 diamonds with a grey silky cord, one size.

Sirius, the brightest star of the « greater dog » constellation, is also the brightest star of the celestial sky after the sun.  It is also the 6th closest star to the Solar System. The Dogons, native people of Mali, accorded a great importance to this double solar system. It seems astonishing that the Dogons, without modern astronomical means, had the knowledge of the existence of Sirius B, including its orbital parameters

  • Falling on Earth a million years ago, this meteorite comes from the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter.
  • Very rare, it is composed of different metals and minerals, it is a nucleus of a small planet.
  • This meteorite is 4.5 billion years old.
  • It is characterized by showing, with the naked eye, a network of characteristic bands named the figures of Widmanstätten.
  • These captivating and natural patterns are proof of its extraterrestrial origin.

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