Constellation meteorite bracelet Sirius and black diamonds


A beautiful meteorite constellation bracelet Sirius, the diameter is 17 mm and 9, black diamonds with a silky cord

Sirius, the brightest star of the « greater dog » constellation, is also the brightest star of the celestial sky after the sun.  It is also the 6th closest star to the Solar System. The Dogons, native people of Mali, accorded a great importance to this double solar system. It seems astonishing that the Dogons, without modern astronomical means, had the knowledge of the existence of Sirius B, including its orbital parameters

Falling on Earth a million years ago, this meteorite comes from the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter. Very rare, it is composed of different metals and minerals, it is a nucleus of a small planet. This meteorite is 4.5 billion years old. It is characterized by showing, with the naked eye, a network of characteristic bands named the figures of Widmanstätten. These captivating and natural patterns are proof of its extraterrestrial origin.

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