Meteorite bracelet bouddha


A magnificent bouddha bracelet cut from a meteorite of 20mm diameter, with its silky cord. Because of their rarity, all our meteorites are laser engraved with a unique number.

Discover the depth of the galaxies with the new collection from « Constellation » explores the myths and legends from our starry skies. The meteorite elements of our galactical bracelets were born from the stars and then formed within the heart of planets. Let us not forget that life on Earth was brought from meteorites and comets.

A circle of life bracelet.

Falling on Earth a million years ago, this meteorite comes from the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter. Very rare, it is composed of different metals and minerals, it is a nucleus of a small planet. This meteorite is 4.5 billion years old. It is characterized by showing, with the naked eye, a network of characteristic bands named the figures of Widmanstätten. These captivating and natural patterns are proof of its extraterrestrial origin.

All our jewelry comes with a certificate delivered by a Graduate Gemologist.