diams SA, the leading Swiss online diamond and jewelry retailer

Founded in 2004 in Lausanne by a passionate gemmologist, diams has become the leading Swiss website for jewelry and diamonds, offering complete price transparency as well as ethical and social values.

The traceability of our diamonds, in addition to the quality of their GIA certificates, are of crucial importance to us. In the field of online jewelry, diams sets itself apart from the competition thanks to its modern and truly daring vision: to create the finest jewelry with a 30 to 50% discount on the best market price and make it available to all.

Embodying the true expression of love and tenderness, a jewel is with you throughout all of life’s special moments: marriage, Christmas, mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays and all those surprises.

Choosing your diamond

Each to their own diamond and a diamond for every occasion. We have a choice of over 500,000 diamonds on offer, categorised on the basis of 4 criteria: carat, size, color and purity.

A diamond as an investment is a safe bet. For centuries their value has only risen, and remained unaffected by price volatility. A diamond is a tangible good, unlike holdings and obligations that become ever more complicated and virtual. We are available to offer advice and help you make the right choice.

Meteorite jewelry

If originality is what you’re looking for, then what better option than extra-terrestrial jewelry of more than 4.5 billion years of age? Let us present our heart of the planet collection, unique the world over, crafted in Switzerland according to the most traditional techniques by master artisan jewelry makers. This extremely rare meteorite variety, presents both an extraordinary structure and a fascinating natural texture.

Tahitian black pearls

Our black pearls from Tahiti, discovered in the blue lagoons of Polynesia, are selected with the upmost care and all our love. We carefully choose those with the most beautiful color and the most lustrous shine. The black pearl is the world’s finest when it comes to an array of colors, from green to blue, with an infinity of shades of grey or deep purple in between.